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2018. Group project with Robert Hyde, Ellie Peatman and Daniel Yin. 

Human-centred design and working prototype of motorised spice grinder for users with weak grip.

Human Centred Design  •  Ideation  •  Mechanics  •  Testing  •  Sketching  •  Prototyping  •  Branding  •  Teamwork  •  Adobe Illustrator  •  SolidWorks

SPRY is a battery powered spice grinder aimed at enriching cooking for people with weak grip. It is also an elegant, hand-held alternative to mass market devices with similar functionality.


The project started from first hand user research and culminated in a final working prototype. It involved the synthesis and application of core design and engineering skills including human centred design, design for manufacture, mechanics, testing and prototyping, alongside team and project management.

As the team’s chief technical officer I oversaw aspects including engineering calculation, testing and prototyping. I also contributed heavily to user research and ideation.  



Our original aim was to allow individuals with weak grip be able to use a garlic press more easily. Through a process of user research, ideation, testing and prototyping we developed a product that could crush a range of ingredients, meeting our aim and truly enriching users’ cooking experience.

User Research

Initial research via an online survey followed by over the phone interviews and an observational study and interview to gather insights.

Initial Testing & Product Specification

Simple test rigs with borrowed components to find the force and power requirements of various methods of breaking down garlic. This fed into a specification developed using Quality Function Deployment methods.​


Through sketching and 3D sketch modelling with blue foam.