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Original compositions for guitar and keyboards.

Musical Composition  •  Recording  •  Production  •  Mixing  •  Cubase  •  Audacity  •  Garageband

I began recording guitar-centred compositions for co-curricular ‘Horizons’ courses at Imperial College in Sound Technology (first year) and Music Technology (second year), which taught the basics of music recording and production. I have since continued to create short pieces, both for fun and for subsequent projects, including my Humanities Project and numerous project videos.


A handful of pieces can be played below. More can be heard on my SoundCloud.

Sound & Music Tech Compositions

Humanities Project Demo Tracks

Original compositions showing different implementations of the chorus effect within indie rock guitar pieces.

‘From the Scrapbook’

Short pieces, often produced in a very quick turnaround, or on the fly, for fun.

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